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Rutland Beanie


The Rutland Beanie has so much more to offer than what you would get from a first glance... this piece requires a second or even third look to see its detailed honeycombed knit pattern and how the wide ribbed fold accents it perfectly.  Could this possibly be the ONE for you out of all the other hats? 

The Vol.24 Nirvanna Collection is honoring the streets in Brooklyn whose colorful people and landmarks and parks helped inspire their namesake pieces.  The Rutland Beanie is named after Rutland Ave. a street neighboring the beautiful Prospect Park.



The Rutland Beanie is made of 100% merino wool and features a solid color waffle knit design, rib fold and same color pom pom. It is fully lined with fleece for extra warmth.  Available in five (5) colors:

* Black

* Burgundy

* Charcoal

* Pink Quartz

* Ultra Violet

* White


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