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Nirvanna by PrettyProperQuaint

The 'NYC SETS' are a collaboration with stylist and blogger Andrea Loredo, creator of PrettyProperQuaint

7 Item(s)

7 Item(s)

  • soho_9_

    I was a consumer long before I partnered with Nirvanna Designs because I love the brand. Nirvanna Designs is the perfect mix of cute and effective winter accessories. Not only do the pieces come in so many chic styles, but they are lined with fleece that helps keep you super warm. This is so important for NYC living especially because it can get so cold during the winter. Since New Yorkers walk everywhere, our coats and winter accessories are basically our outfits so they have to be cute!

    When Nirvanna Designs asked me to partner with them and select a few sets for the holidays, I was like OF COURSE! This was the perfect opportunity to show and share how I would style all my favorite pieces. And just like NYC, I have different styles that I like to wear based on how I feel. I reflected these different styles and selected the part of the city that best represents that style. The sets have 2-3 pieces so you can wear them together or mix and match them based on what you feel like wearing.

    Stay Warm + Chic!