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Camellia Earmuffs


So pretty and feminine, these earmuffs were designed in ode to the beautiful camellia flower which amongst it's history has enjoyed being the favorite flower of Coco Chanel as well as a reported inclusion in the secret gardens of Chinese Emperors. 

(some of the camellia flowers history courtesy of

  • China  – The camellia flower is highly regarded in China and is even considered the national flower of southern China.  The camellia flower symbolizes young sons and daughters.
  • Japan – In Japan the camellia flower is called “Tsubaki” and symbolizes the divine. It is often used in religious and sacred ceremonies. It also represents the coming of spring.
  • Korea – In Korea the camellias flowers is a symbol of faithfulness and longevity. They have been part of traditional Korean wedding ceremonies since 1200 B.C.
  • Victorian England – In Victorian England the camellia bloom sent the secret message that the recipient was adorable.
  • United States – The camellia flower is the state flower for Alabama and typically represents southern beauty.


100% Hand Knit Wool Earmuffs w/ Faux Fur. The Camelia Earmuffs are available in the following colors:

Black/Black;  Black/Charcoal;  White/Rust;  White/Burgundy;  White/Pink;  White/U.V.


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