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Cable Handwarmers


This sleek and elegant handwarmer is the perfect compliment for the modern world. Yes, they look great, and sure, they keep your hands warm. But they also let you live your life. Text your friends, search for a cool cafe, and even find your keys in your crowded pockets without ever taking off a pair of gloves. The ultimate test of winter dexterity; reading a choose-your-own-adventure while hanging one-handed from a spinning ceiling fan is an absolute breeze with this versatile charmer.

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The Cable Handwarmers by Nirvanna Designs are made of 100% handknit meriono woo.  They feature a cable design that goes down the hand and ends with ribbing on the bottom of the glove.  It is fully lined with fleece.  It is available in the following colors: Ash; Black; Burgundy; Charcoal; Coral; Emerald; Lipstick; Navy; Oatmeal; Pink Quartz; Rust; Sky; Taupe; Tweed; U.V and White.


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