Happy Earth Day!

As a brand we participate in various tradeshow exhibitions throughout the year.  Mostly fashion heavy, but we do one tradeshow once a year that is totally different- The Outdoor Retailer show, which is by far our favorite show to do!  It has introduced us to the wide world of the Great Outdoors and all it has to offer in terms of enjoying and appreciating the natural beauty our earth has to offer worldwide!
This has also made us become more aware in the sense of how sacred our land is and the fact that it is endangered now more than ever.  We are blessed to have the power of information that we have today and with that power comes a degree of responsibility to do something to protect the gift that is our earth and the spaces that remain untouched to respect SOMETHING on this planet.
We greatly thank and revere the people and businesses that are doing something about the theft of our public lands, like Rose Marcario CEO of Patagonia.  Thank you for having the guts to stand up and protect what should never have been threatened.  And a great big thank you to everyone who protects this beautiful earth of ours- it's OURS! Let's love it and treat it with love, care and respect! 
We only have one Earth.