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Nirvanna Designs Collection Vol. 24 and Ode to Brooklyn

Oy Vey!

Nirvanna Designs is supported by the community of New York City and it's boroughs. This year we've named our newest collection after the streets in Brooklyn in honor of the cities color people and history.

Our Vol.24 Collection was entirely shot in this eclectic borough's rooftops and public parks.



On Mia: The Tik Tak Beret in BLACK/WHITE + Hi Fidelity Neckwarmer in MAROON and the Cable Knit Fingerless Gloves in BURGUNDY

On Romulo: The Hero Hood in CHARCOAL

Tik Tak Beret

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Hi Fidelity Neckwarmer

Regular Price: $60.00


Hero Hood



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Union Slouch



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Dekalb Slouch


Air Wrap Scarf